Friday Sneak Peek :: Why I Make My Own Weekly Planner

Usually I make my own weekly planner.

organize weekly planner Pink Love StudioWhat does your schedule look like for the week? Week by most weeks, I tend to make my weekly plan on Saturday or Sunday or, sometimes, even Monday. Whenever inspiration or necessity hits, I begin. Using my current art journal, I’ll draw (or block out) shapes to work as containers for each day. Sometimes I make a grid for particular months. I like to build in freedom to choose what I’ll be doing. Over the past couple of years, I’ve taken to scheduling time for me, just me, to do whatever I want.
I no longer leave me time to leftover unscheduled time. You know that time when you say you will get to it if you have enough time. This one audacious act carries a lot of impact. You will come to value yourself and your time differently. It’s especially helpful if you tend not to honor yourself. Watch what happens when your calendar is packed and something or someone else comes along and wants to do something with you (that someone might even be you!). Do you bump what you previously scheduled? Are you inflexible? Or, do you politely say, “Sorry, I’m booked then. Is there another time that works for you?”

weekly planner detail Pink Love Studio

Making a planner helps me get to know, accept, and love myself.

At first, I thought it was all about getting my sh*t together. You know organizing myself. Scheduling my life. Getting stuff done. And it is, it is about that. But, I’ve come to know, that’s not where the magic lies. The magic doesn’t lie with checking things off your to-do list. It doesn’t even lie with getting all the things you planned on getting done, done. Nope.

The magic lies in celebrating each day + experiencing it as love.

Try making your own planner and pay attention to what you do, how you feel, when you squirm. Draw it into your day when you fall flat on your face and how you got up and kept on going. Let me know when magic sneaks into your life. Because it will. Love happens. Everyday.
Many Blessings!

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