Hi! I’m Amanda.

Welcome to Pink Love Studio!

You can mix media with spiritual practice to design a life you love.

I’m a mixed media artist, a yogi and an educator.

I do yoga everyday and I make art. I didn’t always do this, it’s been a journey that calls me to be kinder to myself + show up, even when I don’t want to, as I am.

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It’s one thing to make art because that’s your assignment and it’s a whole other thing to make art because that’s how you live your life when no one else is watching. 

Living your life as an artist, as someone who makes art, takes guts. It takes willpower and discipline. You’re challenged to be flexible and start over again and again. It’s good to be curious and to pay attention. All of it can lead you to express yourself as only you can.

Like being an artist, yoga is a way of life. In December of 2017, I was graduated from Heart of Yoga School. There I committed to doing yoga everyday. Working with breath and movement, we can learn such things as discipline, kindness, concentration; how to take responsibility for our own practice, a.k.a. life, and live peacefully, vibrantly with ourselves and others.

I work from here, eagerly.

P.S. Here’s a trick for doing your yoga everyday.