Reflections on Art Making + Spiritual Practice

Creative Goal Setting

Establishing a goal for your daily practice will help support your art making. Having a goal allows you to focus on developing your artistry. It also gives you something to aim for. Maybe it’s a week for working on building up pages with stencils or a...

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Disrupt Your Normal

I packed up my things, hauled them to storage and hit the road! Have you ever dreamed of doing that? It was the summer of 2016, when I headed west. No longer did I have my art table easily accessible. I had totally disrupted my regular art making rhythm. I...

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Mixed Media Yoga Study :: Vajrasana

I continue to study yoga anatomy. This week brought me to the spine, the diaphragm (which is totally cool), and connective tissue. I move into yin yoga, postures that stretch connective tissue, where it is about support and letting go. I read that qi is...

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