The world needs YOU in all your uniqueness.
You need to know this in order to make art: YOU matter. What you say, how you say it, no one else can do it in your particular way. Do you know what you want to say + how you will say it?


Are you able to express what’s in your heart?

Art making is personal and powerful. It takes willingness to be vulnerable and conviction to make art that comes from your heart. Are you willing to be present to what is, especially when it’s messy and uncomfortable and really, you just want to throw it away?

Are you ready to be free?

There is no right way to make art. Artists are way finders. There will be many people who could care less about the art you make. What matters is will you make it anyway?

Hi! I’m Amanda.

Welcome to Pink Love Studio.

I’m an artist and an educator. It took me a super long time to claim my artist title but I have. And now, I mix media with LOVE. For me, making art combines meditation, play and journey where I fuse visual art with inner healing. It’s a process that teaches me about trust and acceptance; an iterative feedback loop which continues to fascinate me on a daily basis. It leads me on an exploration into awareness + creation.

I work from here, eagerly.

It's All About LOVE.

I love to create! Sometimes, I make things just for the fun of it and decide to give them away for free.



Want the gifts of art making?

Yes, sign me up!