Hi! I’m Amanda.

Welcome to Pink Love Studio.

I’m an artist and a yoga teacher.

It took me a super long time to claim my artist title but I have. And now, I mix media with LOVE. For me, making art combines meditation, play and journey where I fuse visual art with inner healing. It’s a process that teaches me about trust and acceptance; an iterative feedback loop which continues to fascinate me on a daily basis. It leads me on an exploration into awareness + creation.

I work from here, eagerly.

I became a yoga teacher in December of 2017 on a full daytime moon. I was graduated from Heart of Yoga School where yoga is a way of life. Working with breath and movement everyday, we can learn such things as discipline, kindness, concentration; how to take responsibility for our own practice, a.k.a. life, and live peacefully, vibrantly with ourselves and others.

Pure meditation.

Truly, LOVE.